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Ali from Sweet Savory LoveGood day to my fellow food lovers!

My name is Ali and I started this blog so I could share my love of cooking and baking with my family and friends.    I’ve been toying with the idea of a food blog for years, but I was never quite sure what I should do.  Should I focus exclusively on baking cakes since I’ve set a goal for myself to make the perfect cake after discovering my absolute favorite blog Sweetapolita?    The problem with that is it wouldn’t allow me to venture into the world of pies, which I love almost as much as cakes.  So then I thought I’d do a baking blog, but that didn’t seem quite right either since I absolutely love cooking savory dishes for my hubby.   And then there’s the fact that I love hosting parties and entertaining so I wanted to find a way to incorporate that aspect into my blogs.  All this combined is how Sweet. Savory. Love. came to be.  The Sweet covers my love of baking.  The Savory brings in the dinners and lunches I enjoy making for my family…and then there’s the Love.  The Love is how I plan on sharing everything else that makes me happy like entertaining, arranging flowers, decorating my home for the holidays, travel…you get the idea.

When it comes to my cooking skills I wouldn’t consider myself a novice, but by no means am I a professional.  Right now I’m stuck in a place where I am adventurous in what I cook, but I mostly follow recipes and I don’t do a lot of free form cooking.  My husband is the free form chef in our family.  He has this ability to whip up the most amazing meals.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get him to chime in on this blog every now and then and share some of his amazing meals.  I am crossing my fingers that this blog will help me continue to be adventurous in the meals I prepare and get more comfortable whipping up my own recipe ideas.  I’m also just starting my MBA program at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.   I’m optimistic that the life of a student will give me some time to master some of the building blocks of cooking and baking while I learn the fundamentals of business administration.  Then there’s my day job, which plays into the more technical/marketing side of this blog.  I work in the e-commerce and online marketing field.  This blog is a great creative outlet for me and a chance for me to try some new tools and techniques before I roll them out to my work projects.

We shall see how this all will unfold.  I’m definitely looking forward to this new adventure and I hope you’ll enjoy following me on this journey.

love, ali

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